[Dovecot] 0.99.11 release candidate

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Aug 31 12:23:24 EEST 2004


So, we're back into 3 digit version numbers, would have
looked too ugly. Originally I was planning on making 0.99.10.x series
only for a few months and leave 0.99.11 for the larger changes, but 1.0-
tests are now used for that. Version numbering is difficult.

So, assuming there are no problems found from this RC, I'll release
0.99.11 tomorrow. Changes are:

	+ 127.* and ::1 IP addresses are treated as secured with
	  disable_plaintext_auth = yes
	+ auth_debug setting for extra authentication debugging
	+ Some documentation and error message updates
	- If APPENDed mail ended with CR character, Dovecot aborted the saving
	- Output streams sometimes sent data duplicated and lost part of it.
	  This could have caused various strange problems, but looks like in
	  practise it rarely caused real problems.

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