[Dovecot] Stalled Authentication, Great Clues

Richard Petty repetty at austin.rr.com
Tue Dec 21 07:41:45 EET 2004

It works great!

Whatever you did with the LDAP code in dovecot 0.99.13-rc1 has it 
working great.

You have no idea how greatful I am. If if wasn't for my vasectomy, I'd 
name my next born after you.


Timo Sirainen wrote:

> On 20.12.2004, at 06:28, Richard Petty wrote:
>> I've just installed Dovecot onto a White Box EL 3 server. 
>> I'm mostly following the email server setup instructions at 
>> http://www.wanderingbarque.com/mailserver.html and getting Dovecot to 
>> work is the last task to complete.
>> I've compiled Dovecot with LDAP support. I'm authenticating Postfix 
>> via SASL to the LDAP database just fine, and I also authenticate and 
>> manipulate LDAP info from JAMM very well, too. However, Dovecot 
>> authentication seem to hang up when a correct password is submitted 
>> (POP or IMAP... it doesn't matter).
> Could you try if it happens with 0.99.13-rc1 as well? It has some LDAP 
> fixes which may have fixed it already. http://dovecot.org/rc/

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