[Dovecot] delivery agent in 1.0?

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Thu Dec 23 17:52:12 EET 2004

On 23.12.2004, at 16:06, Branko F. Gračnar wrote:

> Is there any plan to include delivery agent in 1.x?

I'll need to implement one in next few months, so yes.

Hmm. This brings to my mind again that it would need Sieve, and mvmf 
might be a good base for it, but it's still not open source (Mark? :)

> I would be very happy, if there would be lmtp delivery agent included
> with dovecot 1.x... This would make creating large mailsystem cluster
> creation very simple + indexes would be always up2date.

I'm not sure when I'll get around to implementing LMTP server. It's 
actually a bit annoying to implement because it needs to be able to 
deliver mail into multiple accounts, and if each one stores mails with 
different UID, it needs to either run as root (bad) or launch multiple 
processes and do IPC with them.

I suppose I'd implement it so that the actual LMTP talking would be 
done in a process very similar to imap/pop3-login processes, ie. 
completely unprivileged. Then it would tell master process to launch 
delivery agent processes to specific users, and those delivery agents 
then would get the mail from lmtp process via .. um. read-only shared 
memory + semaphores might be better than just copying the data over 
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