[Dovecot] Mail always is delivered to /var/mail/

Yedidia Klein yedidia at jct.ac.il
Thu May 6 10:24:27 EEST 2004

Is there a way to configure dovecot to work like UW imap?
mean mail come to /var/mail/[username] (in mbox format) then while the 
user connect, the imapd move the email to ~/mbox and serve it from there.


James Whatever wrote:

>> Hey,
>>     I am setting up Dovecot on Debian with Postfix.  I am telling 
>> Dovecot
>> to use maildir:~/Maildir but it persists in dumping mail in mbox format
>> in /var/mail/username.  Can anyone suggest ideas?  My config file is
>> attached.
> That's most likely because it's your MTA that's doing your local 
> delivery.
> Check your exim/postfix/sendmail/whatever config.
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