[Dovecot] imap indexing error when moving multiple mails

Olivier Tharan olive at pasteur.fr
Thu May 6 12:36:38 EEST 2004

* Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi> (20040430 20:21):
> >The same test on a box with a local spool (no NFS) does not
> >trigger the errors. On both machines, this is dovecot-
> >from the FreeBSD ports.
> mail_read_mmaped = no I guess?

Yes :)

I took advice from the comment in the config file, so I stayed
with the default value:

| # Use mmap() instead of read() to read mail files. read() seems to be a bit
| # faster with my Linux/x86 and it's better with NFS, so that's the default.
| #mail_read_mmaped = no

Do you think I should put this to `yes' or definitely not?

> Recently I've began wondering what exactly are NFS client's caching 
> rules. When exactly does it try to read the file from local cache and 
> when does it check that it's not changed in server? Maybe the only 
> answer to write fully NFS compatible code is to read the actual NFS 
> client implementations of most popular OSes :)

I have heard horror stories from my colleagues about how bad the
client-side NFS implementation is on Tru64, which is the OS which
delivers the emails. Perhaps I will first deliver the mails on
the FreeBSD-5 machine.

> Of course, this might not be NFS-related bug at all even though it 
> triggers only with NFS. Anyway, I don't think I'll spend any time 
> wondering about it as mbox code will be rewritten anyway.

Ok. In the meantime, we are thinking of putting this box in
production, so I am not really willing to beta-test the newest
code, but will stay in touch when you release something new.


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