[Dovecot] nfs dotlock issues

Maikel Verheijen maikel at ladot.com
Tue May 11 13:09:22 EEST 2004

Hi List,

While testing with dovecot-1.0-test8 on our platform, I get al lot of  

May 11 11:42:50 mf1 dovecot: imap(user at domain.tld): Our dotlock file  
dovecot.index.log.lock was modified (1084268570 vs 1084268875),  
assuming it wasn't overridden

This is probably due to some time-issues on our platform, and the load  
the backend has. (our backends run in a live environment).

Can the dotlock code get the timestamp of the file when the dotlock  
gets created in order to be able to keep the time in sync? Is there  
another way to prevent those seconds of time-difference? we run ntpd on  
both our frondends and our backends.

Kind regards,

Maikel Verheijen

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