[Dovecot] POP (dot) locks

Olivier Tharan olive at pasteur.fr
Tue May 18 15:15:01 EEST 2004

* Christian Balzer <chibi at gol.com> (20040518 21:10):
> presume this bit from the configuration:
> ---
> # Should we create dotlock file even when we want only a read-lock? Setting
> # this to yes hurts the performance when the mailbox is accessed simultaneously
> # by multiple processes, but it's needed for reliable reading if no other
> # locking methods are available.
> #mbox_read_dotlock = no
> ---
> means that if the only other reading accesses to a (mbox style in this
> case here) mailbox are via other dovecot processes everything will be fine?

Yes, but you should be aware there are other processes than
Dovecot which can access the mailbox, moreover in a read-write
fashion, such as your MDA (procmail, sendmail, maildrop,

You had better teach them to also use dotlock files to be safe.


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