[Dovecot] Dovecot Questions

Adam Kessel adam at rosi-kessel.org
Fri May 21 06:02:30 EEST 2004

Hi.  I have two questions that don't appear to be answered anywhere: 

- Many of my users use a fetchmail ssh tunnel to get their mail.
  Typically this looks like
      poll with proto imap:
           plugin "ssh -2 %h /usr/sbin/imapd" auth ssh;

  uw-imapd provides a binary /usr/sbin/imapd that can be used for an
  ssh-imap tunnel.  I found /usr/lib/dovecot/imap (in Debian) which
  might work as a replacement, except that it appears that running
  /usr/lib/dovecot/imap doesn't properly read in the configuration
  file--for example, it is trying to create dotlocks, but in the
  configuration I have flock.  Is there any way I can do what I want to
  do here?

- Dovecot seems to be dying spontaneously in conjunction with
  SquirrelMail.  Do you have any experience of this?  SquirrelMail ends
  up reporting that there was no response to the CAPABILITY query.  If I
  restart Dovecot, everything is fine again.  I don't see anything in the
  logs to indicate the problem.  Any ideas why this might be happening?

Thanks for any pointers...
Adam Kessel

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