[Dovecot] Dovecot + SSL + Fedora

David Keegel djk at cybersource.com.au
Mon May 24 10:43:23 EEST 2004

I've been seeing the Dovecot/SSL/Fedora 1 problem.

I have a dovecot server which tends to die at least once a day,
with messages like these :-
May 24 13:44:44 mail pop3-login: RAND_bytes() failed: error:24064064:random number generator:SSLEAY_RAND_BYTES:PRNG not seeded
May 24 13:44:44 mail dovecot: Login process died too early - shutting down

I noticed Timo's email about this at:
with the patch that just ignores the return code of RAND_bytes().

Would disabling SSL in dovecot.conf also be a reasonable way of
avoiding the problem of dovecot crashing?  

My plan is to set
	ssl_disable = yes
and also take out pops and imaps from protocols.  That is a lot
easier for me than getting source, patching it, re-compiling and

We are using
Fedora Core 1		(fedora-release-1-3 i386 rpm)
Dovecot 0.99.10		(dovecot-0.99.10-4 i386 rpm)
OpenSSL 0.9.7a		(openssl-0.9.7a-33.10 i386 rpm)

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