[Dovecot] 1.0-test12

Andrew Boothman andrew at mux.org.uk
Tue May 25 08:13:42 EEST 2004

Timo Sirainen wrote:

> Are maildir syncing problems finally fixed now? :) I think the "message 
> sequence out of range" problems are fixed now too.

I'm not sure if it counts as a problem but after the delivery of some 
email tonight (again only a few messages arrive every day) I got the 
following noise from -test12:

May 25 03:08:27 myriad dovecot: imap(andrew): Maildir sync: UIDVALIDITY 
changed (1085364928 -> 1084812656)
May 25 03:18:27 myriad dovecot: imap-login: Login: andrew []
May 25 03:18:27 myriad dovecot: imap(andrew): Transaction log file 
/home/andrew/Maildir/.INBOX/dovecot.index.log: invalid indexid 
(1085364928 != 1085451507)

I configured dovecot with --debug-enable so perhaps that accounts for 
the noise? It didn't result in imap dying in the way that my previously 
reported problem did with -test11 anyway.


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