[Dovecot] release candidate

Olivier Tharan olive at pasteur.fr
Thu May 27 17:11:48 EEST 2004


* Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi> (20040525 21:57):
> http://dovecot.org/rc/
> Thought I'd still make one 0.99.10.x release now that mbox corruption
> problems are (hopefully) fixed.

I have yet to see from my testers if mailbox corruption still occurs.

> 	- mbox: "LF not found" errors happened sometimes when X-IMAPbase
> 	  header was updated. Possibly corrupted mbox sometimes.
> 	  Thanks to Fabrice Bellet for finding this bug.

I have not seen these errors in the log file with this version
(except perhaps the first time people checked their mail after
the upgrade). Thank you!

I keep seeing the following message from time to time:

| May 27 16:04:38 munster imap(xxxx): Our dotlock file /home/xxxx/Mail/mrtg.lock was modified (1085666677 vs 1085666678), assuming it wasn't overridden

Could it still be a NFS-locking problem?

Dovecot uses: mbox_locks = dotlock

Procmail (on the same server, FreeBSD 5.2) uses:
	 Locking strategies:     dotlocking, lockf()

Procmail (on another server, Tru64) uses:
	 Locking strategies:     dotlocking, fcntl(), lockf(), flock()

I suppose I must use exactly the same locking facilities, but
there seems to be differences between reading and writing a mbox
in Dovecot.


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