[Dovecot] release candidate

Olivier Tharan olive at pasteur.fr
Thu May 27 18:26:30 EEST 2004

* Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi> (20040527 17:52):
> >| May 27 16:04:38 munster imap(xxxx): Our dotlock file 
> >/home/xxxx/Mail/mrtg.lock was modified (1085666677 vs 1085666678), 
> >assuming it wasn't overridden
> >`----
> >
> >Could it still be a NFS-locking problem?
> Hmm.. Just one second difference. Is it always one second?

Oh yes it is. I have never taken the trouble to examine the
figures closer. Is it a problem or is it normal?

> >Dovecot uses: mbox_locks = dotlock
> If you don't use fcntl locking (and with NFS you probably won't), you'd 
> have to enable mbox_read_dotlock, otherwise mailbox isn't locked for 
> reading at all and that could cause problems. I think I'll make Dovecot 
> complain about this if it's not done..

mbox_read_dotlock is set, yes.


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