[Dovecot] Re: Small change to make dovecot pop3 uw-imap migrationfriendly

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at gmx.de
Fri May 28 20:54:25 EEST 2004

"Oleg I. Vdovikin" <oleg at cs.msu.su> writes:

>> Question: will this apply to all UIDs or just to those for new mail? I
>> can't tell from the code fragment.

>     In may particular environment this applied to all messages. Taking in
> account that old messages was served by uw-pop3 they will not refeteched by
> POP3 clients after the upgrade to dovecot.

I understand your motivation.

>> There are two requirements:
>> 1. major: a UID that any client may have seen _MUST NOT_ change.
>     Right.
>> This means that a formatting string MUST ONLY have an impact on newly
>> arriving mail.
>     No, there is no need to store the exact formatting string with each
> message.

No, but the UID must be stored UNLESS the format is perpetual. How do I
tell Dovecot which format $ANY_OTHER_SERVER used? What if the server
used MD5? Will we see dozens of plugins? Or would not it be more
sensible to just give it a list of UIDs?

>> This could be achieved by a little program that runs once per mailbox
>> after the initial switch.
>     There is no need for this. The only thing is needed - is just an ability
> to specify the format string in the config file and use this forever. So,
> for existing dovecot configuration (default) it will be like
> pop3uidl = "%u.%u"

> while for uw-imap migrated environment it should be changed to
> pop3uidl = "%08x%08x"

This won't catch all cases, as above.


Matthias Andree

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