[Dovecot] Messages does not appear in OE6

Stephen K. Gielda dovecot at steve.cotse.net
Sat May 29 02:15:05 EEST 2004

At 12:59 PM 5/28/2004, Mauricio Araya V. wrote:
>Hi List!
>I have an issue with dovecot: Outlook express users sometimes can't see
>some emails (they are not even listed) that can be seen with other IMAP
>clients, I tested it (and it works) with Evolution, Outlook and
>SquirrelMail (a web mail).
>Please note that this is not the client bug reported at
>http://dovecot.org/clients.html  with the message: "Message is no longer
>available on this server"
>I have the following configuration:
>- Postfix as MTA (ver. 2.1), using the Maildir format to store messages.
>- Dovecot serving POP3 and IMAP.
>Relevant dovecot config:
>client_workarounds = oe6-fetch-no-newmail outlook-idle
>default_mail_env = maildir:/%h/Maildir
>Something important is that I am using freebsd 4.9, and dovecot is
>installed from ports (/usr/ports/mail/dovecot)
>Does anyone has the solution for this problem, or at least an idea of
>what causes it?

I hit this same issue, turned out to be that leaving mail_save_crlf =no 
fixed it (I had set it to yes).  The issue could be duplicated by moving 
messages within webmail to inbox then popping them out.  OE would 
experience display issues if mail_save_crlf = yes.

For what it is worth to anyone:

We are running dovecot on a fairly large user base subscription service, OS 
is fbsd, mbox format.  It's not huge, we currently process around 210k 
messages a day, but it is a decent load.  Web interface is a highly 
modified squirrelmail, imap proxy for the webmail, not using dovecot pop (I 
need more features in my popd, mainly ability to restrict by username), and 
a custom MTA.  We don't yet allow outside access to imap, but plan to offer 
both imap and imaps after a 1.x release has proven stable.  We currently 
run the latest 99.10.5 and found that it resolved the LF errors we were 
getting with the previous release.


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