[Dovecot] Dovecot returns everything starting with "." as folder

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Sun May 30 02:47:09 EEST 2004

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Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:
| On Sun, 30 May 2004, Christoph Hohmann wrote:

|>I'm using the debian package.
| # apt-get install fakeroot dpkg-dev
| # apt-get source dovecot
| # apt-get build-dep dovecot
| $ cd dovecot-
| $ chmod +x debian/rules
| (add the patch per Timos instructions)
| change the 1st line of debian/changelog so the version is
| $ fakeroot debian/rules binary
| $ cd ..
| $ apt-get moo

Or this:

# apt-get install fakeroot devscripts
# apt-get build-dep dovecot
$ apt-get source dovecot
$ cd dovecot-

(add the patch per Timos instructions)

$ dch -v
$ debuild

The reason for using the devscripts commands debuild and dch should be
obvious: less and simpler commands.

There are several reasons for the longer version number:
~  * If next official Debian package is an NMU (done an hour ago but
waiting to be released, so older than yours) it is silently ignored
~  * you can later on scan dpkg for version numbers containing "private"
to see how much local mess you have done
~  * You have room to make another rebuild

| Debian users: my question is, is adding the patch worth the delay in
| getting into sarge?

No (if you ask me - I can naturally only speak for myself).

~ - Jonas

Debian maintainer of UW-imap, and eagerly awaiting dovecot to take over
the world!

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