[Dovecot] 1.0-test14

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon May 31 23:31:00 EEST 2004


Maildir syncing is still somewhat broken. I can't really figure out what
the problem is. Maybe it's in indexes after all which are just causing
bugs in syncing. I think I'll finish implementing mbox syncing and see
if same problems appear with it.

This release has mostly dovecot-auth changes:

 - Delay reporting failed authentications
 - Log IP address of failed authentications (if verbose = yes)
 - Password schemes can now be loaded from plugins. Example:
 - (now that I think of it, auth mechanisms could be implemented
   as plugins as well if they were placed in password-scheme
   directory, I think I'll change the directory name so it's
   more logical)
 - SASL initial responses are supported (POP3)
 - SHA/SHA1 password scheme implemented with OpenSSL
 - dovecot-auth can run as standalone process now (but that doesn't
   work with Dovecot itself at least yet)
 - Changes to make it more easier to use it outside Dovecot
   (eg. the Postfix patch)

Added new variables which can be used:

 %l - local IP address
 %r - remote IP address
 %P - PID

Added mail_log_prefix setting where variables can be used. So if you
want eg. "imap(user,ip-addr,pid): ", set it to "%p(%u,%r,%P): ".

And others:
 - added maildir_stat_dirs setting
 - several bugfixes for indexes

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