[Dovecot] v0.99.11

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Nov 1 16:51:46 EET 2004

On 1.11.2004, at 15:44, Knut Rauscher wrote:

> folder test with subfolder test1
> test
> test.test1
> choose 'move folder' from the context (right-mouse-click) menu of test
> choose that we want to move folder test into his subfolder test1
> (nonsense action, but quite a few employees trying to do that...)
> Outlook displays error message
> subscriptions shows correctly:
> test
> test1
> BUT the directory structure of maildir is
> .test.test1.test.test1
> .test.test1.test.test1.test
> Is this a mishap of Dovecot or Outlook?

Actually I think this is exactly the correct behaviour from Dovecot. 
The command that produced this was:

1 RENAME test test.test1.test

So Dovecot moves test and everything under it to test.test1.test. There 
is no requirement in IMAP that "test" or "test1" has to exist.

However, I think it could be possible to get Dovecot into infinite loop 
with this. I'll have to check.

Maybe Dovecot should just disallow this though. Especially if it's not 
simple to fix the looping problem..
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