[Dovecot] new crash in dovecot-auth test51

Dan Sully daniel at electricrain.com
Mon Nov 1 19:36:33 EET 2004

* Dan Sully <daniel at electricrain.com> shaped the electrons to say...

>Not that many - and I have now. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to make a
>difference - with the patch in auth-client-connection applied, or direct 
>from cvs:
>dovecot: Nov 01 09:18:11 Warning: auth(vpopmail): Authentication client 
>1519: Transmit buffer full, killing it
>dovecot: Nov 01 09:18:15 Warning: imap-login: Error sending request to auth 
>server: Connection reset by peer
>dovecot: Nov 01 09:18:15 Error: child 1519 (login) killed with signal 11

If I remove the vpopmail auth method, it starts working fine with thunderbird.

Obviously, I want to use vpopmail though - this is with vpopmail 5.4.3

There was supposed to be a big kaboom.

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