[Dovecot] Unread mail problem

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Nov 8 03:51:54 EET 2004

On 3.11.2004, at 16:13, Clinton Mills wrote:

> Okay, here is the set up. I have Outlook set up to keep mail on the 
> server for 5 days. At some point I started downloading all my mail 
> that was on the server over and over again, even though I already have 
> the mail. The weird thing is that it did not download all the mail, 
> just a few. For example it would download 6 messages, then 18, then 
> 12, etc! After I tried it a few times I had 50 of the same message in 
> Outlook?

This is probably the Outlook UIDL problem. You should be able to fix it 
by changing how Dovecot generates it's UIDLs (note that that means it 
downloads all messages again the first time). Here's one possible way 
to do it:


I'll probably make this configurable one day.
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