[Dovecot] dovecot 1.0-test52 build notes

Mark E. Mallett mem at mv.mv.com
Mon Nov 8 18:00:22 EET 2004

On Mon, Nov 08, 2004 at 04:19:16AM +0200, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On 6.11.2004, at 23:19, Mark E. Mallett wrote:
> Your configure script parameters are long enough that you might as well 
> build a script that moves the files exactly where you want :)


> >    /usr/local/lib/dovecot/imap
> >    /usr/local/lib/dovecot/pop3
> >
> >So it looks like there are a couple of places where the configured
> >paths aren't caught (or so it would seem).
> These are module directories. Use --with-moduledir too.

Indeed, that caught it.


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