[Dovecot] Re: 1.0-test52

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Nov 12 17:08:40 EET 2004

On 5.11.2004, at 08:24, Nicolas STRANSKY wrote:

> Dovecot 1.0-test52 has been runing fine for a while but, I've had this 
> error when trying to move a mail from one folder to another (INBOX) 
> with thunderbird. Then the mail wouldn't appear in the INBOX. 
> Restarting the server solved the problem.
> Nov  5 07:19:57 aster dovecot: IMAP(nico): Corrupted transaction log 
> file /home/nico/Maildir/dovecot.index.log: Append with UID 3304, but 
> next_uid = 3305

This is fixed in CVS now (but it has other problems).
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