[Dovecot] Fatal: chdir(homedir) failed: Permission denied

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at gmx.de
Sun Nov 14 01:52:39 EET 2004

Καράμπης Παναγιώτης <epp719 at epp.teicrete.gr> writes:

> hello all i run dovecot as my imap server on my university and squirrel as webmail. But squirrel returns an error:
> ERROR : Connection dropped by imap-server
> i tail my /var/log/dovecot and this is the output with whatever user i try to log in and view mails:
> dovecot: Nov 13 17:51:27 Fatal: chdir(/home/epp719) failed with uid 2975: Permission denied
> dovecot: Nov 13 17:51:27 Error: child 17554 (imap) returned error 89
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> i give the:
> root@(host edited):/root# ls -lad /home/epp719


if the user epp719 and dovecot are in a common group, that may be the
cause why it isn't working.

> drwx---r-x  4 epp719 users 368 2004-11-13 17:49 /home/epp719
> and directory exists i tried also changing permissions on dir but same things happen.
> both .qmail and Maildir exist in the home directory.

What are the permissions of the / and /home directories?
ls -lad /home -- can dovecot execute the / and /home directories? If
these are drwx------ or similar, that might be the problem.

Hope that helps.

Matthias Andree

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