[Dovecot] dovecot with different POP3S / IMAPS Certs

Vincent Jaussaud tatooin at kelkoo.com
Mon Nov 15 13:41:36 EET 2004

> With 0.99.x it's not possible, so you'd have to run two Dovecot 
> instances.

First thanks for providing this great open source software to the

Now, I just saw some posts where you said 0.99.x wasn't very good as a
POP3 server.

Therefore, I think I'll just keep using WU-IPOP3D until dovecot 1.0 is

Any idea when it's going to happen ?


> With 1.0-tests I think this should work:
> protocol pop3 {
>    ssl_cert_file = ...
> }
> protocol imap {
>    ssl_cert_file = ...
> }
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