[Dovecot] RE: dovecot and outlook express and large messages

Curtis Maloney cmaloney at cardgate.net
Tue Nov 16 00:50:54 EET 2004

Daniel wrote:
> Hi
> Dose dovecot have problem working on a eth0:1 alias type interfaces? I
> just wondering if this could be my problem?
> Dovecot would do the authentication correctly and send small email but
> as soon as any load was put on it like downloading a mail with a large
> attachment it would fail. All network traffic would stop. No errors in
> the logs. As soon as I move the service to listen on a non alias
> interface eth0 all works fine. Very strange. I have taken a good look at
> our server to check that is not anything. I'm pretty sure we are good. I
> have also rebooted the box to see if that would fixed it which it
> didn't.

I have had Dovecot running on an alias port (under Solaris) since day 1.  Runs 
fine, even with the large e-mails some people feel are neccessary.  I'm using 
0.99.11 ...

Which OS and Dovecot version are you using?

> Regards
> Daniel

Curtis Maloney

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