[Dovecot] Re: 1.0-test52

Nicolas STRANSKY Nicolas.Stransky at neo-lan.net
Tue Nov 16 17:47:28 EET 2004

Le 16.11.2004 15:30, Timo Sirainen a écrit :
> On 14.11.2004, at 12:19, Nicolas STRANSKY wrote:
>> I also have problems with test52 reporting completely false sizes for 
>> messages with attachements (at least when using thunderbird 0.9 or 
>> mozilla 1.7.3), eg. a message with a 3MB attachement is said to be 2KB 
>> by thunderbird. Interrestingly, sizes are OK with Horde IMP.
>> I tryed to purge cache files but it did not solve this problem.
> I've heard this before, but maybe it's just a Thunderbird bug/feature? 
> It seems to show only the size of the text-part of the message.

I don't know, but I had not this problem with Dovecot 0.99. The 
subsequent problem is that I do get very often the error with the 
negative size...

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