[Dovecot] (mail_index_expunge): assertion failed: (!t->view->external)

Alex S Moore asmoore at edge.net
Thu Nov 18 21:13:53 EET 2004

On Thu, 2004-11-18 at 12:03 -0700, Sean Porter wrote:
> I'm seeing this error in my maillog with the same symptoms as well -- 
> FreeBSD 4.9, dovecot test52, mysql authentication, maildirs stored on 
> NFS (but indexes stored on local disk, as suggested in the 
> documentation.)
> My solution is to remove the indexes from the local disk and then it 
> seems to work.

Yes, exactly the same here, except on Solaris.  Removing the indexes
seemed to clear up this message, which I think was locking up some

However, I still get a message when trying to filter the mail from INBOX
into other maildir folders that talks about 'uid in the middle', or some
such.  The move fails for the client.  This message was mentioned this
week by myself and at least one other person.  I have had to give up on
test52 for now.

Thanks, Alex

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