[Dovecot] [OT] Apple Mail.app access to localhost imap when no network

Alan Schmitt alan.schmitt at polytechnique.org
Mon Nov 22 12:26:05 EET 2004


Sorry for the offtopic subject, but I tried asking this on some Apple 
mailing lists and could not find an answer there, and as it's related 
to imap (provided by dovecot), someone might know something about this.

The problem is the following: I have a local IMAP server provided by 
dovecot, so that I can store my mail in maildir format, and read it 
both using mutt and Apple Mail.app. Mail.app is configured to access 
localhost:143 to access mail. However, I discovered that when there is 
no network connection (no ethernet cable plugged in and no wifi 
network), Mail.app is saying that it's working in disconnected mode and 
refuses to access the imap server.

Would someone have a suggestion as to what to do to allow connected 
access to localhost when no network is present? I'm very new to OS X (I 
come from Linux).

Thanks a lot,

Alan Schmitt
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