[Dovecot] problem setting up dovecot server

Tanim Islam tsi6a at astsun.astro.virginia.edu
Tue Nov 23 02:25:33 EET 2004

Hi all:

I have a problem running my dovecot server. I get the following error message 
when trying to get mail from my account with INBOX in /var/spool/mail/tanim 
(username tanim).

Nov 22 19:23:00 phobos imap(tanim): file_lock_dotlock() failed with mbox 
file /var/spool/mail/tanim: Permission denied

What permissions should I set for the mailbox? I am running 

Astronomy 109, Department of Astronomy
P. O. Box 3818, University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22903
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