[Dovecot] [OT] Apple Mail.app access to localhost imap when no network

Alan Schmitt alan.schmitt at polytechnique.org
Tue Nov 23 10:35:05 EET 2004

Le 23 nov. 04, à 02:52, Rob Davies a écrit :

> Morning
> On 22 Nov 2004, at 6:26pm, Alan Schmitt wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Sorry for the offtopic subject, but I tried asking this on some Apple 
>> mailing lists and could not find an answer there, and as it's related 
>> to imap (provided by dovecot), someone might know something about 
>> this.
>> The problem is the following: I have a local IMAP server provided by 
>> dovecot,
> Local as your machine you are using or local area network?

Local as my machine.

>> so that I can store my mail in maildir format, and read it both using 
>> mutt and Apple Mail.app. Mail.app is configured to access 
>> localhost:143 to access mail.
> So this says it is machine you are using?


>> However, I discovered that when there is no network connection (no 
>> ethernet cable plugged in and no wifi network), Mail.app is saying 
>> that it's working in disconnected mode and refuses to access the imap 
>> server.
> If it is your machine you are using try using its actual IP address.

| did try, and it did not work. Otherwise I might not have an 
IP address, as I'm not connected to any network.

>> Would someone have a suggestion as to what to do to allow connected 
>> access to localhost when no network is present? I'm very new to OS X 
>> (I come from Linux).
> If you have specified a specific interface through dovecot.conf, 
> change it too imap_listen = *

Well, I'm able to login using "telnet localhost 143", so I guess this 
is not really the problem. Somehow Apple Mail is convinced that it 
cannot connect to localhost.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Alan Schmitt
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