[Dovecot] [OT] Apple Mail.app access to localhost imap when no network

Alan Schmitt alan.schmitt at polytechnique.org
Tue Nov 23 21:20:14 EET 2004

Le 23 nov. 04, à 18:50, Sean Porter a écrit :

> Undoubtedly there's some CFNetwork function that Mail checks to see if 
> the network is up and mailboxes can be 'online.'  This is desired 
> behavior for 99.99999999999% of OS X laptop users. ;^)
> You could try using Thunderbird, as (like Firefox and Safari) this is 
> nearly a note-by-note clone of Mail.app in terms of UI.

Thanks for the suggestion. I guess I'll install Thunderbird to access 
my mail when I'm without network (I was using mutt, but I'm slowly 
getting used to these graphical tools ;-) ).

Alan Schmitt
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