[Dovecot] Cannot see contents of ~/mail folder

Saurabh Barve sa at atmos.colostate.edu
Wed Nov 24 06:18:59 EET 2004


I just installed dovecot-0.99 on my Fedora Core 2 machine. When I start  
the secure IMAP daemon, I am able to see my Inbox, but not the other  
folders in the 'mail' folder in my home directory (sent-mail,  
saved-messages, etc.) These folders were created when I was using pine  
earlier on the machine. In my dovecot.conf file, I have set:

default_mail_env = mbox:~/mail:INBOX=/var/mail/%u

I am using Mozilla Mail as my mail client, if that makes a difference.  
Dovecot seems to be creating a directory called .imap inside the 'mail'  
folder, where it is storing the inbox and a Trash folder.

I have set "mail_full_filesystem_access = no" so that users don't  
access any of their other files except the mail folder. From what I  
understand, I don't have to set IMAP path in Mozilla Mail. I tried  
doing that too, just to try it out, but as expected, it didn't work.

What do I need to set in order to see my other folders in the 'mail'  


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