[Dovecot] Problem getting incoming mail to IMAP inbox

Jeff Sutherland jeffs at fairwayacademy.org
Thu Nov 25 07:15:36 EET 2004

I have dovecot- on Fedora Core 2 installed and otherwise operating 
using Maildir format for the folders, Kmail as the email client.  Got through 
all the ssl and other security configuration fine, but have one last problem:  
I can't read the incoming mail from /var/spool/mail/%u.  Tried several 
'default_mail_env' settings, including none at all, to no avail.  When I try 
to check in new mail to the inbox, the only messages are "Transmission 
Complete, no new messages"  Tried this setting for example:

default_mail_env = maildir:~/Maildir/:INBOX=/var/spool/mail/%u

but to no avail.  Is something getting cocked up because the folders are all 
in maildir format and the incoming mail spool is in mbox format?  I checked 
permissions, they seem ok.  Kmail can pull the messages in just fine to its 
local folder inbox, it just seems that dovecot can't read the mail spool file 
for some reason.  All the other maildir folders work fine.  ?????????

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