AW: Re: [Dovecot] [OT] Apple access to localhost imap whe n nonetwork

Johannes Berg johannes at
Fri Nov 26 11:50:07 EET 2004

On Thu, 2004-11-25 at 21:07, valo at wrote:
> IIRC you should exec dovecot as a whole, to use it properly. Also edit your dovecot.conf to only serve imap. 

No. I don't want to exec dovecot as a whole as that would force me to
log in again, exactly what I want to avoid. And in this case, the listen
directives in dovecot.conf don't matter _at all_ (in fact, you can make
it so dovecot doesn't run at all).

I do think that I don't even need a dovecot.conf, but I'm not too sure
about that. Timo?


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