[Dovecot] 1.0-test53, sig11 when sorting by thread

Nicolas.Kowalski at imag.fr Nicolas.Kowalski at imag.fr
Mon Nov 29 18:58:04 EET 2004

On Mon, 29 Nov 2004, Timo Sirainen wrote:

> On 29.11.2004, at 12:45, Nicolas.Kowalski at imag.fr wrote:
> > Nov 29 11:37:55 olan dovecot: IMAP(kowalski): Corrupted index cache file
> > /var/indexes/kowalski/.INBOX/dovecot.index.cache: record points outside file
> > Nov 29 11:37:56 olan dovecot: child 14344 (imap) killed with signal 11
> I think the cache file format changed a bit. The crash is fixed in CVS, but
> you should be able to fix it just by deleting the cache file? Hmm. Although I
> think it should have deleted itself above and retrying should have worked..

I deleted the cache file, without success. I just tried with the latest 
nightly snapshot, and it still crashes.

For the CVS version, I am not able to build it; running autogen.sh on my 
system (debian woody) gives a lot of undefined macros errors. I must be 
missing something...


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