[Dovecot] Maildir/mbox on a per-user basis

Jon Nathan jon+dated+1102373234.77c0c9 at rupture.net
Tue Nov 30 00:47:12 EET 2004

* Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi> [11-28-2004 22:05]:
> On 20.11.2004, at 00:15, Jon Nathan wrote:
> >default_mail_env can be overridden in userdb for each user. This works
> >with userdbs supporting the "mail" attribute (eg. passwd-file, SQL,
> >LDAP).
> >
> >How exactly does one do this for passwd-file?
> user:password:uid:gid:(gecos):home:(shell):flags:mail
> It's the mail part there.

Thanks for your help, Timo.  I now have this working.  In case this is
helpful to anyone, the below script generates a passwd-file from the
system passwd/shadow file (this was on Solaris).  It defaults users to
mbox, but assigns them to Maildir if their name is in a file of
maildir users.  Fairly simplistic, but it does the job for me.

# generates a passwd-file format file for dovecot imapd.
# this allows users to choose either maildir or mbox
# defaults to mbox; maildir users go into $maildirusers

# passwd-file format:
# user:password:uid:gid:(gecos):home:(shell):flags:mail

# files
umask 0077;

if(-f $dovecotpass){
  system("rm $dovecotpass"); # start fresh

open(SYSPASS,"<$syspass")||die("Can't open system passwd file $!\n");
  ($user,$pass,$uid,$gid,$gecos,$home,$shell) = split(/:/,$syspassline);

  if($uid>100){    # don't run on system accounts
    $sysshadline=`grep '^$user:' $sysshad`;
    $maildiruser=`grep '^$user\$' $maildirusers`;
    $flags=""; # for passwd-file format
    print OUT "$user:$shadpass:$uid:$gid:$gecos:$home:$shell:$flags:$mailbox\n";



Jon Nathan
jon at rupture.net

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