[Dovecot] dovecot + pam + krb5 + nsswitch

Askar askar at askarali.info
Thu Apr 14 10:42:34 EEST 2005


        anyone of you pls guide me what entries to put in nsswitch.conf 
for pam to work with krberse, i'm trying to authenticate users from AD, 
I thinks (my findings) pam.d/dovecot looks into /etc/nsswitch.conf for 
which passwd databases to use while authenticating a users.
my krb setup is working fine I tested with "kinit username" and it 
authenticat to AD server.

Atm i'm trying with these setttings in /etc/nsswitch.conf with no success.

#group: compat
#group_compat: nis
passwd: files krb
group: files krb
hosts: files dns
#networks: files
#passwd: compat
#passwd_compat: nis
#shells: files

My plateform is freebsd 5.3



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