[Dovecot] Re: about filtering and dovecot

news.gmane.org chills at ne-worcs.ac.uk
Thu Apr 21 16:03:30 EEST 2005

Jeff A. Earickson wrote:
> take a look at MailScanner (www.mailscanner.info).  The greatest thing
> since home-brewed beer, IMHO.
> Jeff Earickson
> Colby College

I used to run MailScanner, but then I switched to Exim+SA+Sophie. As 
Exim has now integrated the exiscan patch, it's much easier to set up. 
In addition, I find it extremely flexible, and uses less resources than 
MailScanner. In addition, I do not believe MailScanner will reject 
messages at smtp-time (if the spam score is greater than a threshold, or 
whatever rules you decide), which can cause problems. If my smtp server 
accepts the email, it's guaranteed to be delivered, which is how mail 
servers should be operate. There's no guarantee that a bounce message 
will ever get to its destination, especially not if it is spoofed, it's 
just a waste of time.

Chris Hills
IT Services
North East Worcestershire College

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