[Dovecot] Default_mail_env..

Guillermo Llenas guillermo.llenas at team.ar.inter.net
Tue Aug 2 15:37:32 EEST 2005


          I 'm new to Dovecot and we are trying to do some tests in a 
production environment. We use mysql to authenticate and dovecot imap 
only. But our structure directory is something special.

    All of ours accounts are stored in maildir and the path is the 

    For example the account pepe at inter.net

    /export/maildir/inter.net/p/e/pepe  and into pepe we have cur, tmp, new.

    This is a problem because we cannot modify the database adding home 
for all users, so in the other side I played with the default_mail_env

default_mail_env = 
but didn't wok out. Because

imap(pepe at inter.net): Aug 01 18:26:04 Fatal: Failed to create storage 
with data: INBOX=/export/maildir/inter.net/p/pe/pepe

    I need only export / maildir / domain / first letter of the username 
/ second letter / and last username

    Is there any way to do this ?, thanks in advance

Guillermo Llenas
Inter.net Argentina
+54 011 6328-1500
fax 0054 11 6328-1530
guillermo.llenas at team.ar.inter.net

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