[Dovecot] Strange index problem

Andrew Hutchings info at a-wing.co.uk
Tue Aug 9 15:10:23 EEST 2005


OK, I have 2 servers accessing the same mailboxes via NFS (indexes on
each servers local HDD).  They are on a round robin connection system.
I have had a mailbox (customer using Eudora for Mac and storing mail for
a certain amount of days) that on one server says there are 281 messages
and the other says there are 194 messages.  Of course this leads to
re-downloading the difference.  The mails that are invisible to the
second machine are not sequential, they are at random places in the
Deleting the indexed on the machine that is inconsistent seems to fix

We seem to get this problem about once a week or 2 over 6000 mailboxes.

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