[Dovecot] Failed authentication to a mysql database (bug or PEBKAC?)

Michael Gabb megamimi at gmx.de
Wed Aug 10 19:19:48 EEST 2005


here's an update: it all works with version 0.99... But this version
doesn't support shared folders and all my boss wants is shared folders
and mysql.

Anyone got an idea why the mysql connection fails?


Michael Gabb schrieb:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to setup a mailserver running postfix and dovecot with mysql
> as database backend. Postfix is already running and delivers mails just
> fine. Unfortunately, dovecot has great problems connecting to the
> database (using username + password). If I disable the password,
> everthing works fine. But, thats harakiri, security wise ;-)
> I tried dovecot-1.0-stable and the latest cvs-nightly (I think from
> August 9.). With both versions, I get the following error (there are
> little differences between the to versions, but the meaning ist the same...)
> dovecot: auth-worker(default): mysql: Connect failed to localhost
> (my_dbname): Access denied for user 'my_user'@'localhost' (using
> password: YES) - waiting for 1 seconds before retry
> My connect string is as follows:
> connect = host=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock user=my_user
> password=my_password dbname=my_dbname
> Both versions are compiled with the following settings:
> ./configure --prefix=/usr --localstatedir=/var --libexecdir=/usr/lib
> --sysconfdir=/etc/dovecot --enable-ipv6 --with-rawlog --with-ssl=openssl
> --with-pop3d --with-mysql
> "make" runs cleanly. Then I use "checkinstall" intead of "make install"
> because I want to generate an rpm package, but that shouldn't make any
> difference.
> Im using the following packages from suse (since im building the server
> upon a SuSE 9.3): mysql-4.1.10a-3.2, mysql-devel-4.1.10a-3,
> mysql-client-4.1.10a-3 and mysql-shared-4.1.10a-3
> I don't have any clue, why the connect fails. The password and the
> username are both correct (triple verified ;-)) and the user has SELECT-
> and USE- Permission for my_dbname.
> Is there any known bug i didn't know about? Or is this a typical PEBKAC
> situation?
> Thanks in advance,
> Michael


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