[Dovecot] Well, "Hard filesystem quota can also be problematic"

Tomi Hakala tomi.hakala at clinet.fi
Tue Aug 16 13:10:28 EEST 2005

Obantec Support wrote:
> I guess first i rebuild 1.0 stable using the wiki info but am confused by

I'm not so sure if quota plugin is going to work with 1.0
stable release..

> the syntax of the args line
> why uid=5000 gid=5000

That's because it is for virtual domain system where you have
single uid and gid for all mail users, you cannot use static
userdb on a "normal" mail host where you have unique user id's.

> my users home dir are under /home but mail is under /var/spool/mail which is
> where i want the quota = 52428800 (50MB)

This is a bit tricky one, see at this time quota plugin works
by summing up sizes of all files under a single directory
structure you provide on a quota= parameter, so you'd have to
have inbox for example at "/home/user/mail/inbox" and then
folders at "/home/user/mail/folders" and set:

But I think it's quite easy to enhance quota plugin so that it
looks size of mailbox at /var/mail/ also.

Tomi Hakala

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