Dovecot IDLE problem (was Re: [Dovecot] inotify support in dovecot)

Johannes Berg johannes at
Thu Aug 18 16:35:18 EEST 2005

On Thu, 2005-08-18 at 06:02 -0700, Kenneth Porter wrote:

> Is that true? I would think you only want notification one time after each 
> new command (eg. IDLE), to indicate that the client is out-of-date wrt the 
> server. It's essentially a "cache dirty" notification. It's then the 
> client's job to bring itself up to date with the server state, at which 
> point a new notification is appropriate.

Not sure about that. However, you get the same behaviour if you abort
and re-issue the IDLE (up to a certain time or something).

> BTW, does IMAP provide any notification ability for folders other than 
> INBOX? I deliver via procmail to other folders and I believe Mulberry has 
> to poll them periodically to check for new mail. (Different mailing lists 
> and different friends each get their own folder.) Doing my filtering 
> server-side means I don't need to maintain parallel filters on all my 
> clients, on all the systems I use. (I gotta get around to doing the same 
> for my address book, setting up an LDAP server.)

Yes, but only for the folder that is currently selected. And since you
cannot select more than one... I think it would be within the spec to
simply send an unsolicited response for any folder at any time, but I'd
have to check and clients wouldn't use it anyway.

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