Dovecot IDLE problem (was Re: [Dovecot] inotify support in dovecot)

Timo Sirainen tss at
Thu Aug 18 19:00:16 EEST 2005

On Thu, 2005-08-18 at 22:47 +1200, Reuben Farrelly wrote:
> The behaviour is that when the client is idling, Dovecot seems to only alert 
> to the first new message received, and if a subsequent new message comes in 
> before the client finishes idling, that second new message is not notified to 
> the connected client.

It is notified, just not immediately. And it's intended to work like
that. If Dovecot tells the client about a new message and it doesn't
care enough about it enough to break IDLE, it doesn't need to know about
the second message immediately either.

Although I suppose with clients that use a second connection to read the
new mails this kind of behavior isn't exactly wanted.. Well, I'd like to
know if such clients exist before changing this.

> * 1 EXISTS
> * 1 RECENT
> [if a second message is delivered, eg by copying /tmp/1 to 
> /tmp/imap-test/new/2 then you should be notified as well, but this never occurs]

It should occur in 30-60sec or so.

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