[Dovecot] ( Dovecot + Postfix + MySQL + Postfixadmin )

Nikolaus Schlemm nikl at nikl.net
Fri Aug 19 18:23:37 EEST 2005


> ( Dovecot + Postfix + MySQL + Postfixadmin + Spamassassin + Clamav +
> Amavisd-new )
> I need help and sample how to.

spamassasin, clamav and amavis don't concern dovecot: they should be 
integrated in your postfix setup - there are tons of howtos for that on 

for dovecot you should take a look at 
http://wiki.dovecot.org/moin.cgi/VirtualUsers - I don't know postfixadmin, 
but I bet they have documenation on where the relevant bits for 
authentication and mailstorage (which is basically all that dovecot will 
need) are stored in mysql.

you only need to put the pieces together ;)

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