[Dovecot] public/private email accounts

Ashvin Meetoo ashvinmeetoo at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 24 12:04:15 EEST 2005


I am running FC4 with postfix/dovecot/amavisd-new etc on my box with 50
staff email accounts (say 10 per 5 departments)... everything is working

I want to create 5 more accounts for each department (to be redirected to
respective staffs, e.g. sales at xyz.com) as well one for everyone... that
can be easily done by creating an account and modifying the .forward file
in the /home/<user> folder.

My great concern is that if by a virus attachment or spam is not detected
and sent to everyone at xyz.com, it will be replicated to 50 email
addresses... what I want is to have the 6 accounts mentionned above to be
used only by the personnel and not the outside world... is there a way of
doing this?

Thank you.

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