[Dovecot] Wiki of dovecot.conf file

Tim Schaefer tim at datad.com
Fri Aug 26 20:25:11 EEST 2005

What would be extremely helpful is a really clean explanation of how to 
set up connections for MySQL. It would have to start with basic 
information and some real-world examples that make no assumptions, and 
clearly spell it out without confusion.  In fact good examples reduce 
the need to subscribe to mailing lists and ask dumb questions!

The current assumptions in the docs to date are that somehow non-geeks 
and those of us who have learned far more about email servers than we 
ever wanted to will somehow "get it" without decent examples.  This has 
got to be the biggest problem using Dovecot.  I've tried just about 
every pop-server I can find and I am about to give up on Dovecot if I 
can't get the connection to MySQL to work. 

I just want decent pop server that understands Maildir, now that I went 
through Cyrus SASL hell and got that working--again with incredibly poor 
documentation.   And I don't give a rats-ass about IMAP, just need a pop 
server.  Maybe IMAP later, for now just a pop server that understands 
Maildir and comes from open source.  I'm using Postfix but it shouldn't 

So far I've tried the following pop servers:

nupop-1.3.9         -- can't compile
qmail-1.03          -- a f**ing nightmare
cyrus-imap/pop      -- poor-to-no docs for pop server -- another nightmare
vm-pop3d-1.1.6      -- works only on mbox
flexpop-1.0.1       -- no docs , doesn't compile
popular-1.5.5       -- docs are too sketchy for installation, too 
complicated and doesn't work

I thought Dovecot would be the last one I have to screw with, but maybe 
I'm wrong...



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