[Dovecot] Success: MySQL Works on 0.99 But Not 1.0alpha

Tim Schaefer tim at datad.com
Sat Aug 27 00:48:31 EEST 2005

Great news!


I downshifted to dovecot 0.99-14 and pop server is working!

Finally a pop-server and postfix and all!  And no Courier!  or Qmail!

Whatever changed in the 1.0 release regarding MySQL is broken, and is 
working in the .99-14 release.

I can finally use my mail server!


I'll keep an eye out for the 1.x stable release, hopefully it will have 
MySQL support working.
Maybe by then I'll be brave enough to get IMAP working and maybe even ( 
gulp ) LDAP.

Good Luck to all of you!

Timo go go go !


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