[Dovecot] Dovecot and Active Directory Authentication

Dave Smith dave at grantsmith.uklinux.net
Fri Aug 26 13:00:11 EEST 2005

First off, sorry if this has been asked before - I have looked, honest.

Is it possible to get dovecot to authenticate users against active 
directory, treating the AD as a plain ldap server? I have this working 
with cyrus saslauthd.

Currentlt I get a long delay (30 seconds or so) then
* BYE Disconnected for inactivity.

All I get in the maillog is

imap-login: Disconnected: Inactivity [::ffff:]

I am using dovecot-0.99.11-2.EL4.1 on CentOS 4.

If anybody has got this to work then please let me know - otherwise I 
will be forced to use Cyrus........


Dave Smith

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