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Micah Stevens micahstev at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 20:30:16 EEST 2005


I searched through the maillist archives and the docs, but didn't find 
anything that directly addresses my question, so here goes if anyone has 
some time to address it. 

I'm running a redhat el3 server, with Postfix as the MTA, and I'd like to 
setup Dovecot to provide IMAP/POP3 services. 

Postfix uses MySQL lookups to do mailbox lookups, and I configured dovecot 
to do the same thing. The mail is delivered to 
/usr/local/virtual/<domainname>/<end.address>/ in maildir format by Postfix. 
This is working fine. 

I've setup dovecot, and set it do user auth and user lookups to MySQL. This 
seems to be working fine as I get no mysql errors from the queries, and my 
login process (to IMAP from localhost) is fine. Here's a typical scenario:

telnet localhost imap
Connected to localhost.domain ( <>).
Escape character is '^]'.
* OK dovecot ready.
1login micah at 9250x.com "rigid2"
1 OK Logged in.
2 select INBOX
2 NO

If I look in the directory for micah at 9250x.com I find: 
# ls
cur new tmp

The permissions are 777 for now to eliminate that possibility. The dovecot 
log file lists:
imap-login: Aug 28 12:27:11 Info: Login: micah at 9250x.com

each time I log in, and nothing after that indicating why it's not seeing 
any mail. 

Why isn't it seeing any mail? Do I need to make an Inbox directory and tell 
postfix to deliver there? From reading the docs, having the delivery into 
the main maildir directory should be okay, but I might be mis-reading.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.. 

Thank you,
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