[Dovecot] imaps only, and on a nonstandard port?

Jeroen Scheerder Jeroen.Scheerder at phil.uu.nl
Tue Aug 30 11:14:20 EEST 2005

Dan Stromberg:

> I'm trying to get dovecot configured to:
> 1) Only do imaps
> 2) Do imaps on port 500
> I've tried "ssl_listen = *:500" both globally and in my "protocol imap"
> section, but neither seems to be working.
> Is there a way of doing this?

What you're trying works for me, but I did find out that some
mail clients support IMAPS only on the default IMAPS port (993).
When instructed to use another port with SSL, these clients
set up a plain connection (which fails, of course) and then
try STARTTLS (if you enable plain traffic on that port).

Regards, Jeroen.

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